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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 7, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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hello, everyone. thank you for joining us. sadly, the people of tulsa, oklaho oklahoma, are spending the holiday weekend in fear of a man driving around and gunning down innocent people. since friday morning, five people were shot, left laying on the ground, bleeding. three of them died. two others are in the hospital. they should be okay. the tulsa mayor said police haven't found a common link between the shootings. within the last hour, police told reporters how bad it is. >> this is something we have never seen in tulsa, oklahoma, at least since i have been a police officer, and that's 40 years. >> ashley is a reporter for our affiliate. thank you for joining us. the chief was adamant about finding out who this guy is, the reforces in place. there's a new task force. >> yes, that's right. there's a task force called operation random shooter. he said there's going oo be 30
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people working around the clock to find out who gunned down these people. its wr going to involve the u.s. marshal, the fbi, tulsa county sheriff and the tulsa police department. they said this is a vicious and cowardly crime, something they have never, ever seen in tulsa happen before, and they really are dedicating all of the people here to try to find who committed this crime. >> i would imagine, and i have to ask you this, people living there, i remember the d.c. sniper case and people were afraid to even leave their homes. what's it like being in that community? >> well, a lot of people in north tulsa are afraid to leave their houses. they're afraid if their walk on the street, someone is going to come up to them, possibly show a gun, shoot them. there's a lot of fear and people are on edge. we had some naacp leaders tonight. they said, you know, you should be able to walk around. this has got to stop. they have to find out who did this so people can feel safe in
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their own town. >> thank you very much. we really appreciate that. and speaking of ashley, speaking of the naacp, we'll talk to the leader of the naacp, the local leader there, he's been speaking with police, talking to police and getting information, and there's concern about the victims all being african-american and whether or not this is a hate crime. police at the press conference said no information leading them to believe that at this point, but we're going to check in with our guest in a moment. our next story, you have to see the video to believe it. have you seen this? a fiery crash involving a navy jet fighter in virginia beach. no one can believe that no one was killed in this and everybody who was missing has been found. look at that. the pilots are getting cred frt how they handled the situation. >> i think the pilots deserve a lot of credit for staying with the airplane as long as they possibly could. i watched an eyewitness, it appears from where the canopy was and the ejection was just a
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few seconds of the impact. >> we have been following the story from virginia beach. >> tate and local officials here are calling this an easter miracle. no fatalities and everyone has been accounted for despite the fiery jet crash into five apartment buildings yesterday afternoon. dramatic video taken just six minutes after the plane went down, showing emergency responders kicking down doors, checking for residents inside the complex. the dramatic video also showed billowing smoke and fire shooting out of the complex as well as the wreckage of the jet lying in the courtyard. it also shows the tail wing and the after burners lying there as first responders are responding to the scene. the video also shows the parachute dangling off the side of the building, and that is because two pilots ejected just moments before the plane went down. one of those pilots is shown in
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the video being treated by first responders. now that the search and rescue effort is over, they want more answers as to how this happened in the first place. >> the investigation has just got under way. what we have done here is control the site, we're now going to start moving in, now that the city has gotten the whole site under complete control, we're going to come in, sort of in a parallel activity and work our way from the outside in, gathering all the parts, examining the parts, we'll take all of the parts and put them into what is it, hangar 23, over at nes oceana, and lay them out and do a detailed examination of what we find, looking at all the tapes, listening to the tapes. get the data recorders from the aircraft. it's going to take weeks to put this all together. >> navy officials so far are calling this a catastrophic mechanical malfunction. to give you a perspective of the
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community, it's heavily populated with families, the community is used to the training runs and hundreds of jets flying overhead. a cnn ireporter caught the mushroom cloud moments after the jet went down. another fighter jet was circling around the site of the accident and just panning over, you can see the coastline of virginia beach, just two miles away from the site of the crash is the naval air base where that jet took off. now, of course, officials do want more answers and they say the investigation will take weeks to conduct. reporting from virginia beach, i'm sandra. >> thank you vaery much. the trayvon martin story. new information to tell you about from a woman who says she saw the scuffle between neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman and trayvon martin. our producers in florida confirmed she lives in the complex and has told her story to police. she spoke to ashleigh banfield on ac 360 last yoith.
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>> where wow your looking at the moment the gun fired? >> i was looking at the two men on the ground and heard the gun shot. >> could you tell who was on the top, who was on the bottom? >> i know it was very dark, but i really would have to say that i thought it was the larger person that was on top. >> and when the gun fire went off, what happened to the larger man who you think might have been on the top? what happened at that moment. >> i would say a couple seconds later, that larger man was walking closer to where i could see them. >> before those seconds, what happened with the larger man? >> obviously, the other man, the boy was dead, and the other person got up and was walking away from the body. >> she also responded to zimmerman's claims that martin slammed his head against a hard surface. surveillance has shown some kind of cut or bruises or bruise on
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zimmerm zimmerman's head. >> since that time, the lead investigator has been reportedly, an account of his has been reportedly been to another resident who had a 10-year-old boy who called 911 that he didn't necessarily believe mr. zimmerman's story. does that surprise you? >> it was kind of bewildering to me at the time to think, wow, i really thought it was the boy crying for help, but here's the lead investigator telling me that no, it was mr. zimmerman. >> where you saw the fight taking place, was there a hard surface anywhere nearby, a sidewalk, a street? >> the back of the complex where the back of the homes are face wrg it happened. there is a sidewalk, but when i watched it, they were always on the ground. >> ashleigh banfield on ac 360 last night. what is an iphone worth to you? how about an ipad.
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this is our top story on cnn, in tulsa oklahoma, five people have been shot. three of them are dead. two are in the hospital. they're expected to survive. the tulsa mayor said police haven't yet found a common link between the shootings, but one commonality. all of the victims are african-american. here is what is happening. someone is driving around, randomly shooting people. they shot five people since yesterday morning.
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let's talk now to reverend warren blankly, the president of the tulsa naacp. revere reverend, thank you for joining us. i want you to listen to what the police chief said, then we'll talk. >> the whole race issue, the hate crime issue, there's a very logical theory that would say that's what it could be. but i'm a police officer. i have to go by evidence. i'm not going to make the statement at this time that that's what it is when we have had no evidence, no racial slurs thrown, haven't arrested anybody yet that may have literature. it's not time for us to say that. >> reverend, i think that's a good call by the police chief because there were some people jumping to conclusions that this may be some sort of hate crime, but what he said is regardless of what it is, i want to get the killer off the streets. >> that's correct. i was in the conference with the mayor earlier, and we all agree that we need to do whatever it takes to get the perpetrator of the crime behind bars.
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we stood unitedly together on that call to make certain we do what we can to see this paern behind bars. >> is there something that we don't know or maybe we're not hearing on this end that would leave some to believe this is some sort of hate crime or this is racial? is it just because all of the victims are african-american? what is going on? >> knl think the concern that we have which makes me believe that and i'll speak for me, is from 5th to 6th street north in tulsa and back down toward the downtown area is primarily african-american, heavily african-american, and a great mejoert of the african-americans in the city live in that area. for a white male to come in that area and indiscriminately shoot people, african-americans, it lends itself for me to believe it was probably a hate crime. >> if you had been in the conversations with police, do they have knany idea of who the
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person is. they believe it's a white male. they're getting hints from people who survived the shooting. do you have information someone may know who that is, someone who might have a beef with someone in that community? >> no, what i got from talking to the chief and those associated with the case thus far is they're looking for this individual. the only thing they know is that he is a white male, driving a white older pickup truck. those are the two pieces of information that we have at this point. other than that, we're not certain of anything else yet. >> thank you, reverend warren blakney. get back to us if you get new information, okay? >> thanks for having me. >> as police continue to track down the suspect, we're going to let you know as we get new information and talk to the captain of the tulsa police department coming up. the man who held the press conference, 7:00 p.m. eastern, right here on cnn. he doesn't hold back. he's a straight shooter. we'll talk to him soon.
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>> what would you do for an ipad or an iphone? five people in china are charged with helping a 17-year-old boy do the unthinkable, sell a kidney so he could buy the apple products. the 5 men are charged with intentional injury. the boy is suffered from renal insufficiency. the surgeon got nearly $35,000. >> hugo chavez will travel to cuba for more radiation treatment for his cancer. he had returned from cuba on thursday. he's expected to meet with his cabinet before leaving tonight. he said doctors in cuba have opratded on him twice to remove cancerous tumors. he spoke at a mass where he pleaded with jesus to let him live so he can keep working for the good of his country. we're going to go now to syria. the government is taking full advantage of time left before a
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cease-fire takes effect. the regime promised to pull security forces out of the city by tuesday, but as ivan watson them from punishing the opposition. >> less than three days before the syrian government has pledged to withdraw its forces from population centers, all the indicators is that the violence has gotten worse rather than better inside syria. syrian opposition groups claim thore man 100 people have been killed across the country on saturday alone. and i have to caution viewers about the next vudio. it emerged from the embattled city of homs. opposition activists said they stumbled across 13 bodies laying at a foot of a wall that was a syrian school. you can plainly see bullet holes in the wall. it appears the 13 men were lined up and shot to death execution style by an impromptu firing squad. opposition activists claim that
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school was approp rated by security forces who used it as a temporary detention center. now, there has also been intense fighting reported by residents of another city, homa. the u.s. ambassador to syria who pulled out of the country weeks ago, has published satellite images that he said indicates the syrian government has done a partial withdrawal of some tanks and armor from some cities and towns, but these also indicate, he says, that artillery and tanks continue to be employeed and placed in other cities and towned, that the syrian government claims to have withdrawn its forces from in a statement of to united nations. the united states secretary-general has gone one step further, conderming the syrian military assault on civilians in recent days and saying, quote, the 10th of april timeline to fulfill the implementation of the
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commitments as endorsed by the security council is not an excuse for killing. they suggest he's using the final days as an opportunity intensify the attack against the enemies in the country. ivan watson, cnn, istanbul. >> thank you very much. don't hate me because i'm beautiful. not my words. that comment comes from a british woman. as you can imagine, it got a whole lot of people talking. is she beautiful? look at her.
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okay, so help me out on this one. i need you to tweet me or facebook for your comments on this next story. a columnist for britain's daily mail newspaper took up the subject of the advantages of being in her words, so beautiful. that set affa blizzard of twitter and e-mail comments.
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she wrote about the positive comments she got from men, free drinks, paid cab fare, flowers. she wreets, while i'm no elle macpherson, i'm tall, slim, blaunld, and i'm often told, a good looking women. i know how lucky i am, but there are downsides to being pretty. the main one that other women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks. is she being arrogant or proving a point here? i couldn't wait to talk to you about this. wendy, listen,ali tltz reso muco talk about, first t would depend on what you think is beautiful? said people would say, i could be short and dark and that's beautiful as well. we're talking universal standards or western standards here. what do you think of this, of the article that she wrote? >> well, first of all, the very fact that you're asking is she pretty shows how objectified women are based on their looks.
2:23 pm
i could agree with her certainly that there are far more advantages to being an attractive woman than the disadvantaged, but the disadvantages aren't so much about the female to female competition you moent experience. it's more ominous. it's stuff that happened in early life, the young attractive girls are more susceptible to predators, to sexual abuse. young geirls are steers toward runways and hollywood sets so they're not living to their full intelligence or intellectual potenti potential. those are the dangers of being beautiful. these woman represents what the western media would represent a standard of beauty. is she more beautiful than beyonce who we love here? this is not the point of what she was saying. sheeltz rr saying there are down sides to being pretty. >> okay. all right. and you know, there's nothing wrong with a healthy self confidence, right? because we're also talking about how to give young women the
2:24 pm
confidence to feel good about themselves, and then she does and we bash her. i want to look at some of the responses. this is from heidi. semanta baited both genders into making violent, sexist, bile-fueled remarks. it worked. what an ugly light. and this man said, hilarious, i wish i had such an inflated view of my looks. >> and another one, i heard of beer goggles. samantha brick would appear to possess a beer mirror. >> that's terrible. >> that is terrible, but it is funny. >> terrible, don. >> it's funny. >> no, the point is -- we don't accept good, healthy self pride. this woman thinks she looks just fine, and somehow we interpret that as being arrogant, and her point is she was just using it as a crutch to explain some of the challenges to attractive people, but we both know, don,
2:25 pm
since you're so hot and i used to be, that being beautiful is more positive than negative. >> right. well, listen, you know, i can see the joke in that, but i completely understand when it comes to the self confidence thing. people ask, you're on tv, do you think you're good looking? i said, i think i'm attractive. nothing wrong with it, then people send me outrageous things. you're so conceited. it's like, okay, stop it. but i understand that. it's nothing wrong with acephaly self confidence. i think she's maybe going out a little bit, because is she really beautiful? i mean, you have to be realistic about being attractive. >> you know where she lives? she lives in a tiny farmer community in the countryside in france. she's probably a 10 around there, trust me. >> okay, all right. >> all relative. >> i do want to have the conversation with you. a lot of my friends are not that great looking guys, but they
2:26 pm
always get the girl. we'll go to a bar someplace, and right away, boom, and how does that happen? is it all about -- what they portray or how they feel? >> well, because meaates look f different things in partners. men are very visually wired, and they look for more attraction in females. women look for much more. we look for personality, we look for income, we look for who has a good a game and sometimes maybe they just have a good a-game. self confidence, all that is sexy to women. >> is this a healthy conversation to be having or is this damage to women? >> i think when you ask, is she pretty enough, that's not very healthy? the point is every woman is beautiful in her own way, no matter her race, how tall he is or how much body fat she has. every woman is beautiful and we're wanting that. >> i'm just being a jerk. >> but i love you. >> a jerk and snarky. wenldy, i love you, too.
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see you soon for your birthday. by the way. >> that's right, thank you. >> with more people identifying as multiracial, can there ever be an all american beauty? you can check out the story on it's on the home page. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar, on december 21st polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space. which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd, and you still need to retire. td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? i'm a wife, i'm a mom... and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke.
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coming up on half pars the
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hour. going to get you caught up on the headlines. we're going to start in oklahoma. this was the lead story where people are living in fear of being gunned down by a man driving around and shooting and killing innocent people. five people have been shot since friday morning. three have died. the two others are in the hospital, but they're expected to be okay. a police task force is hunting for the killer, a special one. he said he hasn't seen anything like this in his 40 years on the force. he's going to join us at 7:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. >> an easter miracle. that's what folks in virginia beach are calling it. everyone has been accounted for and no one was killed when a navy jet fighter crashed an apartment building and burst into flames. the seven people who were injured have been released from the hospital. an investigation into the crash is now under way. the navvy says it may take several weeks to determine what happened here. more embarrassment for a
2:31 pm
government agency already in trouble with congress. the huffington post is reporting this, releasing videos of games played by members of the general services administration at a conference in las vegas. they make jokes and sing songs about government waste and out of control spending. your tax dollars paid the lems $1 million cost. that includes gifts of ipods and gifts for employees. the head of the gsa resigned a few days ago, and the agency is under congressional investigation. rick santorum will take a day off from campaigning monday to be with his daughter at the hospital. his campaign hasn't said why 3-year-old bella santorum was hospitalized. she was hospitalized with pneumonia at the end of january. our thoughts and prayers are with the family. >> former washington, d.c. mayor marion barry is in the spotlight
2:32 pm
again. he had to deal with a lot of controversy. this time, with a public statement describing asian owned businesses as, quote, dirty. athoona jones has the story. >> washington, d.c. koenl member marion barry's latest dust up came at his re-election party when he criticized asian shops in his majority black fwharnd neighborhood in south washington. >> we have to do something about the asians coming in, opening up business businesses, dirty shops. they have to go. i am going to say that right now. we need african-american business people to be able to take their places, too. >> asian and black leaders blasted barry, once known as a fighter for civil rights, for what they called racially divisive remarks. he later apologized for what he said was a bad choice of words. we caught up with the former four-term mayor in his ward. >> i said something that i could
2:33 pm
have phrased it differently, but the meaning is the same. you're not going to have people exploiting us in the community. they're going oo be a part of the community and welcome all business people here. i want them to participate in life, give us a job. >> barry's comments have touched a nevrve. >> i was very mad. >> we work really hard to keep our facility clean and to serve this community. we have been here for over 20 years now. so it's ealey insulting for him to come out of the blue and say that we're dirty and we should be replaced, basically, because we have been here for so long. >> she's mad at me. i tell her, put money in the community. >> perhaps best known for the 1990 federal drug scheme that caught him smoking crack in a hotel room, he was sentences to probation for failing to file tax returns. still, he remains popular and
2:34 pm
defiant. you're not a stranger to controversy. it seems like every few years, there's some story out. how does it make you feel? >> because i'm doing such a great job. i'm doing a fantastic job. my political enemies, the haters and other people, have to find something to do. they attack marion barry. they ought to do something else. >> he told me his record as a civil rights leader is well known. he husband a great deal of support in the asian community, and he stands by his complaint that they need to hire more local workers be more a part of the community. >> all right. thank you very much. it's been weeks since trayvon martin was killed and the man who admits to shooting him is not charged and not under arrest. we're pushing the story forward and looking at what is going to happen this week. jobs, jobs. jobs. the private sector has been
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we're joining a story that has captivated the country. speculation continuing to grow on whether george zimmerman will face charged for shooting tre'von martin. the story has been hashed and rehashed all over the media. we want to talk law and justice, what is going to happen this week. criminal defense attorney and the grand jury next week, do you think he'll face charges? >> i think he will if angela corey, the state attorney assigned to investigate this, has a presentment. she might say my investigation is ongoing and i don't think i have enough evidence to do a
2:40 pm
presentment. she may bypass the jury and do a direct indictment. she might say that my evidence is so strong, i'm going have him arrested and tried, and third option is go before the grand jury. she has enough fevidence to do presentment this week. if she does in fact do a prenment she feels there's enough evidence to let the grand jury aside. they're a body of citizens summoned into court, you come in, there's going be between 15 and 21 people on a florida grand jury, and basicallbasically, on side is heard. it's interesting because it's not like a trial you see -- >> one side is heard? what side? >> that's going to be the state's attorney presenting the evidence. they might call investigators, call in paramedics, eye witnesses. typically, the defendant is not present, and there's no other side. so they just put up the evidence. >> just put it in.
2:41 pm
>> and who decides whether or not -- >> the grand jury, and it's all in secret. the state's attorney can't even be in the room when hthey decid whether or not to return a true bill of indictment. it's not beyond a reasonable doubt, which we see in a court room. it's going to be is there probable cause that some kind of crime was committed. >> that's the thing, that people believe it's probable cause. >> something happened that was illegal. >> right. >> whether it's murder one or manslaughter -- >> or whether nothing. whether nothing. >> that's exactly right. when they vote in secret, they can say, yes, we vote to indict for manslaughter, for first degree murder, or they can say no, we don't think there's enough evidence. >> all of the stuff we have seen in the media like the videotape, the 911 tapes, this witness saying this. is that -- any of that going to enter or matter? >> yes, because that's the
2:42 pm
evidence that they have. again, you and i were talking about this on the break. there is that time period, that two-minute timeframe that we're narrowed down last weekend when nobody except trayvon and george know what happened. what they're going to do is present the evidence that led up to it, after that, and evidence being 911 calls, not just from george zimmerman but from all of the different eyewitnesses and ear witnesses who called in. and paramedics may have something to say that were on the scene, the investigators may have something to say. all of that plays into -- >> it's been interesting how just in the country, how the divide that has happed over this. >> extremely polarizing. very polarizing. >> you have seen this in trials that you prosecuted. how do you handle that? if he has to go to trial, can he have a jury that is impartial with all of that? >> a lot of us, my attorney friends and investigator
2:43 pm
friends, police officers, that's the fear here, that george zimmerman at this point cannot get a fair trial because there's been so much publicity and a lot of the issues discussed are really outside the realm of the evident because it's brought to be a discussion on racial relations and police procedures and the interpretation of law. so it go business yond guilt or insnls here. >> it's interesting. i have to go, but how soon will we know? is it going to take a while? how long before we know? we'll know if there's going to be a presentment when april 10th comes and knows. it could take a day or two to present the evidence, but the vote will come back. >> we won't have to wait. thank you, holly. appreciate it. >> just ahead here, a college student tried to do the right thing and paid for the speeding ticket he received. why wouldn't the city take his bucket of coins as payment?
2:44 pm
>> and a day that every kid who grew up watching the jettisons dreamed about. the flying car is here. meet george jetson. his boy elroy. daughter judy, jane his wife. >> and the dog? >> pluto or something? >> no. what was it. >> astro. ripples of the day. it might be off a dock or on a boat. upstream or in the middle of nowhere. wherever it may be, casting a line in the clear, fresh waters of michigan lets us leave anything weighing us down back on shore. our perfect spot is calling. our perfect spot is pure michigan. your trip begins at
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the city of ft. collins, colorado, is dealing with an extreme case of nickel and diming. good writing. who wrote that?
2:47 pm
very good. that's how this student wanted to pay his $160 fine for speeding. he waited until the last minute and only had this chunk of change on him. but the city said it's not a good use of taxpayer money to use incoins. >> i went back home, grabbed my savings, tried to pay it, they would not accept it. there the large amount of coin, so what we would have to do is count it by hand not once but twice to make sure we had the right amount there. >> money isn't it? all of this could have been avoided if someone had told the student there's a coin counting machine in the parking office. he ended up paying his fine online. >> one day you may look up and see a sky full of cars. susan is at new york auto show. what do you have? >> the top prize for one of the most amazing things that you will see at this year's auto show is this. now, the question is, is it a
2:48 pm
plane that drives or is it a car that flies? it's actually both. it's called the transition and made by a company called terrafugia which means escape from the earth. it's street legal and has an experimental license from the faa to fly. it's taken one test flight and gone up 1400 feet. many more are planned, and it takes 40 seconds for the wings to unfold. an amazing sight to see. when you look inside, the dashboard pretty much looks like one that you would see in any car. it has a speedometer and an altimeter. that's different. wouldn't you like one? >> very cool. yes, i would love one. how much will the fine far cost? it's website said the price for a base model, $279,000. driv if you want to find out more information, base model
2:49 pm
$279,000. price sure to come down, not the plane, the price of the car. >> olympic gold medalist amanda beard has been a beauty in and utof the water, and while millions have found her attractive, she hasn't always agreed with them. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's new glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have 6 grams of sugars. with 15 grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart. see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen.
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maybe even a little better. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. visit for your chance to win the ultimate sightseeing dream vacation and more great prizes. brought to you by transitions lenses, the official sponsor of sightseeing.
2:51 pm
dreamed big. >> i was 10 years old watching the '92 olympics and right then and there decided that's what i wanted to do. >> only four years later swimmer amanda beard's dream did come true.
2:52 pm
the 90 pound 14-year-old walked away from the '96 atlanta olympics with a gold and two silver medals. >> after that i had a huge growth spurt. i grew to about 5'8" and then i weighed about 130. >> her growing body sparked her struggle with a negative body image. >> all of a sudden i wasn't swimming very well and i blamed that all on because i got bigger. >> uncomfortable in her new body, she turned to bulimia, sometimes throwing up a couple times a day. >> it totally was based on how i was feeling emotionally and how i felt in my own skin. >> she began abusing drugs and alcohol. she struggled with depression. but despite her inner demons, she continued to succeed in swimming. her emotional low triggered a dangerous new happy. >> i felt this kind of -- this rage almost take over me, just running through my veins.
2:53 pm
and i just grabbed my hand and started digging my thumb nail into myself. >> she'd hide in the bathroom using razors to slice small mark on her arms or ankles. >> it wasn't until her boyfriend discovered her self-destructive behavior that she began to seek help to overcome it. now at 30, four-time olympian beard and photographer brown are happily married. they're proud parents of 3-year-old blaze. >> i went through all of these things and here i am, happy, healthy with a great family and continuing on trying to make my fifth olympics. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn. >> he's been pitching in the majors since before some of his teammates were even born. at 49 jamie moyer isn't ready to quit. good for him as i approach that age. he takes the mound tonight.
2:54 pm
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align can help. only align has bifantis, a pantented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ try align today. if you're not a baseball fan, you've probably never heard of jamie moyer. he's played in one all-star game and probably won't ever be elected to the hall of fame but tonight he could set a baseball record that may never be broken.
2:57 pm
>> doesn't get old walking out on to a baseball field, does it? >> no. there's no better feeling than this right here. >> jamie moyer first walked on to the baseball field in the summer of 1986, ronald reagan was president, america was dancing to "walk like an egyptian," and ferris buehler's day off had just premiered in movie theaters. jamie moyer is 49 years old and found out just a few days ago that he earned a spot as a starting pitcher for the colorado rockies, a team that didn't even exist when he broke into the major leagues more than 25 years ago. you're 49 years old, playing a kid's game, right? >> that's correct. >> i mean, it doesn't get any better. >> it doesn't. and sometimes i have to pinch myself. and i've been very blessed to, you know, to have the opportunities to have a long career and at 49 still feeling like a kid. >> if jamie moyer wins his first
2:58 pm
game this season, he'll become the oldest pitcher in major league history to win a game. three of his pitching teammates were born after moyer started his big league career. let the old man jokes begin. no one's asked you if you played with babe ruth? >> i get that on occasion. i kid with guys i used to clean his shoes. it breaks the ice. >> when jamie moyer talks, the young baby-faced players listen. moyer says most of his close baseball friends have long retired. >> when i got on the airplane last night and guys sat down and i went back to the bathroom, i'm thinking, oh, my gosh, i feel like i'm like -- we're on a field trip and i'm kind of watching over the kids. >> moyer is playing against his oldest son's friends now. >> the one constant through all the years, ray, has been baseball. >> that was james earl jones
2:59 pm
capturing the timelessness of baseball in the movie "field of dreams," just like jamie moyer has been a constant in baseball for more than a quarter century. >> jamie moyer, good luck, buddy. giving me inspiration. >> we want to check your headlines. a gunman is on the loose in tulsa, oklahoma. five people have been shot since friday morning. three of them have died, two others are in the hospital but expected to survive. police believe the shooter is a white man while all the victims are african-american. that's left a lot of questions about whether the shootings are race related. they're saying hold on that, they're not sure yet. a 25-person group is looking for the killer. this was the scene moments after a navy jet fighter crashed into a virginia beach apartment complex and burst